Metal Products

HG Metals builds interior and exterior staircases, both utility and ornamental, using steel and/or other metal. Also, our experience with low-rise commercial and multi-unit apartment buildings is extensive.

Metal Fabrication

The HG Metals fabricators have experience reading blueprints, marking steel forms, setting jigs, torching steel forms. We make training available and require success in testing as a condition of employment.

Metal Installation

Our Field Force is specially-trained to manipulate heavy steel components safely with the use of lifts, winches, and cranes. We deploy 2 to 3 crews daily to perform installations or erections at the job-site.


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Our Estimators scour local planrooms for appropriate steel and metal work in all industries and all sectors. We meet and network with Building Contractors serving Indiana and surrounding regions. Send an Invitation To Bid (ITB) for your job TODAY, particularly if your project includes supplier diversity goals!