Metal Installation

Carmel Lofts Install Crew

Our Field Force

The HG Metals Field Force is specially trained to manipulate heavy steel components safely, typically with the use of lifts, winches, and cranes. Our Field Force is disciplined and performs well as a team. A field crew member is trained for Fall Protection, site equipment operation, and for rigging and crane signals.

Whether structural or non-structural our Field Force can install what we build.

Depending on the demands of the schedule or the special needs of the project, the HG Metals Field Force may work evening or night shift.


Shop Operations

The Construction Director deploys 2 to 3 crews daily to perform installations or erections at the job-site. Each crew truck well-equipped. Depending on the size of the job and duration, the crew may establish a staging location with material/equipment storage at the job-site or nearby. A crew typically works daytime hours, but occasionally second or third shift schedules may need to be arranged.


Job-Site Safety

HG METALS is a member of the Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety (MICCS). We observe proper drug screening protocols and our personnel participate in project safety meetings and drills. Our safety program includes daily job-site safety review and alert (at the tailgate). The crew leader reports any incidents in timely fashion.

The mobilization process includes preparation of a job-site safety plan.


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