Metal Fabrication

Install Director 3

Credentials and Capabilities

The HG Metals fabricators have experience and expertise reading blueprints, measuring and marking steel forms, setting jigs, cutting and torching steel forms, and assembling into desired shapes.

The HG METALS fabrication shop is certified in its welding processes.  This certification is renewed periodically.  Each worker is required to test-out for our Shop’s preferred process and must demonstrate proper welding technique.  We intend that the Customer’s quality specifications are achieved. Shop workers are required to maintain individual certifications in more than one welding process and in equipment operations (e.g. 90 PSI Ironworkers machine).  Shop workers are expected to safely load and un-load heavy material, and to re-position and operate heavy equipment.  The HG Metals fabricators have experience and expertise reading blueprints, measuring and marking steel forms, setting jigs, cutting and torching steel of all dimensions, and assembling into desired shapes.  The fabricator takes care to dry-fit a large assembly in-shop prior to final welding.  The Shop Supervisor (and others) are practiced in Quality Control methods.

The Shop delivers Value-added services effectively, including:

  • Steel Mill Certifications
  • Tagging and bundling components per Customer specifications
  • Storage of finished goods and Just-in-Time delivery to the Job-site

Shop Operations

Our shop operates with safety and quality our most important objectives. Day 1 Safety Orientation assures that each employee understands the HG Metals commitment to Workplace Safety. Workers have incentive to complete OSHA 10—hour training. The company performs random drug screening. We are members of our local safety coalition to assure our safe jobsite performance.
The company makes training available in various skills and requires testing and certification as a condition of employment.
The HG Metals fabrication shop houses multiple work stations, a paint booth, and staging spaces. The shop achieves a high level of productivity with its skilled craftsmen utilizing:
* 90 TON PSI ironworkers
* Vertical Bandsaws
* Milling and Couping machines
Each workstation is equipped with high-capacity welders and supporting tools. A separate line for TIG welding is available.
Our interim Fabrications are transported out for galvanizing, or for other finish application as needed. Final jobsite delivery is performed by our own delivery fleet or by freighter (third party).

HG Metals Truck 1

Job-Site Delivery

The HG Metals Fabrication Shop deploys 2 flatbed trucks for local deliveries to Customer or to job-site. For longer distances, HG Metals retains the services of a local freighter. Occasionally LTL services are purchased. Delivery drivers are experienced with job-site delivery protocols.


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