About HG Metals

HG Metals is an active division of HGMC Supply, Inc. offering steel and metal services to construction and commercial customers. HGMC Supply, Inc. was incorporated by its founders in June 2005 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company began doing business immediately supplying bulk steel coil and other steel forms to construction trade contractors.

As both a minority-owned and woman-owned business enterprise (MBE and WBE) HG Metals received a boost with the launch of the new International Airport construction in 2010. During this period HG Metals was successful in establishing a steel fabrication production facility to offer value-added services in the construction and commercial markets of Central Indiana.

HG Metals today is one of several divisions of HGMC Supply, Inc., a multi-state corporation, headquartered in Indianapolis.

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Meet Our Team

Cynthia Gardner

Chief Operating Officer

Cynthia brings more than 25 years business experience to HG METALS. She has worked in both public and private sectors developing and directing successful programs. Her background, along with the combined steel trade skills of HG METALS personnel, is building a solid and growing business enterprise in the Indianapolis Metro area.

Ashley Collins

Vice President

Ashley brings 15 years of corporate office experience to HG Metals operations. She functions to assure timely and accurate processing of business transactions. She manages Customer and Vendor relationships. She is the point person for telecommunications, Human Resources transactions, and for all administrative business functions.

Gene Gardner

Production Manager

Gene managed various aspects of operations at the Indiana Convention Center for more than 30 years before coming to HG METALS.  Currently, he marshals the people and material resources needed to produce steel products on the HG METALS shop floor.

Dustin Gardner

Estimator / Project Manager

Dustin brings expertise in turning steel forms into the stairs, rails, and other components required in the construction of industrial and commercial facilities. He is experienced in the handling of steel material; in the standards for steel workmanship; and in the techniques for safe performance on the job. Dustin works with the Customer’s drawings and specifications to find cost-effective solutions in steel.

Lawrence Casey

Operations Director

Lawrence is experienced in the fabrication process, project management, and steel operations. Lawrence runs multiple installation and shop crews on a daily basis to fulfill the schedule demanded by our Customers. He has more than 10 years of experience with HG Metals, having learned the ropes from very experienced steel tradesmen.

Tony Prachith


Tony is the anchor of the HG Metals Estimating function.  He has more than 10 years of experience in construction-related steel services, including fabricating and material procurement.  This background supports his ability to produce sound estimates for structural and miscellaneous steelwork.  Tony tries to attend every Pre-Bid event and does his homework.


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